Oil spill clean-up in two weeks, says Petrotrin

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Petrotrin anticipates it will take another two weeks to clean up the oil covering the La Brea coastline. 
And the cost will be upwards of five million TT dollars. 
At a Press Conference on Tuesday morning Petrotrin officials sought to assure that the situation is under control.
According to Petrotrin officials there have been 11 oil leaks on the South Western Peninsula since December 17th, both on and off shore. 
5: joint-ventures with Trinity, 1 with Neal and Massy and the rest solely Petrotrin. 
The last leak was discovered at 10 o'clock last night on the Trinity Brighton Field. 
But that the Chairman says has been brought under control. 
The Petrotrin President says oil samples from the spill have been sent abroad for a finger printing study to determine the exact source of the leak, but there has been a delay because of the holidays. 
Clean up efforts continue north of La Brea but Petrotrin estimates it will take another two weeks before the damage is 99.9% rectified. 
The exact cost is yet to be determined. 
But the Petrotrin President says the Company's Insurance experts are in town.
Written by Cnews