Ronaldo London is the 2014 Junior Calypso Monarch

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An enthusiastic crowd was on hand at the Queen's Park Savannah on Monday to hear from calypsonians as young as 9 years old in the 2014 Junior Calypso Monarch Finals.

The Finals featured fantastic performances and the themes of family and children were woven into several songs.

President Anthony Carmona was in attendance for the Junior Calypso Monarch.

However, he was not the only Head of State there as 'Nelson Mandela' made a brief appearance on stage to help Marq Pierre of the Sangre Grande Education Institute defend his title with Tot u Diens' (At your service mankind) and remind us that there's a little 'Madiba' in us all.

However, Pierre's title defence did not go as planned as he placed 5th.

Coming in at third was Shervonne Rodney of El Dorado West Secondary. Her song 'Save the Family' spoke to her own experiences growing up.

UWI Sixth Form's Sasha Ann Moses sang "A Mother's Love" and snatched 2nd place.

Ronaldo London of Fyzabad Secondary won the crown with his selection "Hear My Cry" - a rallying call to the nation to protect our children.

Ronaldo London is the nephew of multiple San Fernando Calypso Monarch winner Brian London and grandson of Dr. Leroy Calliste, also known as the Black Stalin.

Brian London meanwhile has been a busy man this Carnival Season.

He wrote songs for four of the Finalists in the Junior Calypso Monarch competition, including the winning piece for his nephew Ronaldo.

"He worked real hard this year because everybody had things to say for the past few years, he can't perform, he has a good voice. I mean he really put in the extra work in terms of understanding the song and getting it out in the way that it should be delivered."

The admiration between nephew and uncle flows both ways it seems.

Ronaldo said: "I look up to my uncle Brian London. To me, he is one of the best, could be the best it have in the world, not only in Trinidad and Tobago. That's my icon in calypso."

Ronaldo has not given a thought to what he could do with his $25,000 prize money as he is still getting used to the idea that he won.

"The first year I was here, I came 9th. The second year I came 10th. Now I am Number 1. So it's just shock, I still shocked."

Uncle Brian said he is equally proud of his other nephew, Rivaldo, who is the 2014 San Fernando Junior Calypso Monarch.

He said the quality on show by the young Kaiso crowd is proof that the artform is alive and well.

"You hearing the sentiments that calypso dying and a lot of youths gravitating towards soca and these things and to see not just the ones who I wrote for but the other youths come out here today and do what they did and at times probably upstage some of the elder statesmen in calypso, I mean it's a proud moment."

Well if you want to hear more from Brian this season, you can. In addition to being in the Calypso Monarch Final on Dimanche Gras, he will also appear in Thursday's Extempo Final.

Written by C News